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Suppliers of all types of clergy shirts, collars, studs, cufflinks and much, much more...


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Our best selling 1" slip in collar clergy shirt in a wide range of colours...

A wide range of Liturgical Cufflinks available from stock - a great addition to your shirt...

Large range of Ladies clergy shirts in a wide range of colours and styles...

A wide range of collars available and from only £5.99 for a pack of 6 slip in collars...

Regular (Attached) Collar shirts also available for that different look...

Shirts also available for Bishops etc also, again in a range of styles...

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In line with our strong ethical focus and ongoing commitment to high standards in manufacture, Clergy Shirt UK shirts are made in factories with minimum wages policies and a unionised workforce.


As well as these safeguards against low wages and underage labour, our supplier's own 'in situ' staff, regularly check and audit the factories.


By purchasing a Clergy Shirt UK garment, you are helping to keep many people employed in deprived areas of Asia, providing valuable income to combat rising global food prices and medical costs.

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Slip in collar shirts

S8131 Wide Blush Pink S7321 Grey Collar Attached Long Sleeve 1 inch slip Purple wide2

Ladies Slip in Collar Shirts

Celtic Cross Cufflinks Gold Crystal Cross Cufflinks

Liturgical Cufflinks

Bishop's shirts

Regular Collar Shirts

Commercial Cotton badge vertical DSCN3870 Vicar Collar

Clerical Collars

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